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Conwell-Egan Holds off Westampton Tech in the ESCIT Tournament

Conwell-Egan (3-1) defeated Westampton Tech (2-2) 72-54 in the first game of the ESCIT/Primetime Shootout. Patrick Robinson led all scorers with 21 points for the Eagles. Terrance Jones chipped in with 16 as Eric Esposito finished with a double double, 12 points and 10 rebounds.

Jalaam Jackson led the Panthers with 16 points. Laddis Taylor added 11.

“I think we had just a little bit of sloppy play through the first half. We started to pick it up, we played much better, ” said Patrick Robinson.

The Eagles jumped out on Westampton in the first half to go into the break up 15. With a couple key players, Stan Martin and Manny Jeh, sitting out the first half for unknown reasons, the Panthers came held the Egan to just nine points the entire third quarter.

“I think it’s big. When teams make run, we have to counter-back. We just played hard,” said Robinson. In the fourth quarter, Conwell-Egan did counter and answer back as they stepped it up on both ends of the court. For every run Westampton Tech tried to go on, Conwell-Egan answered with a run of their own. With a double digit lead most of the second half, the Eagles kept the lead the remaining 16 minutes of play to close out the win.

The Eagles advance to play Nottingham, the winner of the second game in the Frantz Massenet bracket, in day two of ESCIT action. Westampton Tech faces The King’s Christian School.

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