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Coaching and Training 

FC Delco Coach

May 2020- June 2021

  • Coach of 3 premier soccer teams within the club

  • Helped all players develop as student athletes

  • Worked to help provide all players the best chance to be recruited and excel in college

FC Bucks Coach/Trainer

  • Trained Bucks teams of all ages

  • Worked camps as one of the lead instructors

  • Organized camp and clinic dates

  • Coached three youth soccer teams

  • Assisted with the implementation of the club development programs

Perfect Touch Soccer Trainer

November 2015-May 2016

  • Conducted Private training sessions 

  • Trained in Small group sessions

  • Worked camps and clinics

  • Trained kids of all ages from 5 and older

Lehigh University Coach

June 2014-June 2016

  • Coached the Lehigh Women’s Soccer team

  • Helped with training sessions and scheduling

  • Actively took part in player recruiting at tournaments and camps

  • Involved in planning and organizing team meetings, player meetings, and team leadership development

  • Helped create scouting reports

  • Organized and assisted with team camps for youth players

NLSA Coach/Trainer

January 2015- March 2016

  • Trained NLSA teams of all ages

  • Assisted with strengthening the Women's side of the club

  • Counselor for camps and clinics

  • Helped to organize panels and tournaments

Total Soccer Academy Trainer

July 2011- October 2015

  • Trained soccer players as young as two years old and as old as college kids

  • Worked with girls and boys

  • Worked with various sized sessions- individual, small group, and teams

  • Also worked company camps including day and overnight camps as a counselor and residential dorm monitor

  • Used EZ Facility for all scheduling purposes

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