Watch Videos of Renee as the Reporter and Anchor for the National Lacrosse League

Renee has been able to work in a variety of aspects of news and broadcasting. Between her jobs and projects, she gets the chance to host, anchor, sideline report, and is a panelist on some sports shows. She works in both news and sports.


On this page, read and watch some content from when Renee was the on-air talent, producer, and editor with the National Lacrosse League. She created feature stories and hosted shows. The videos are also on Renee's YouTube page! If you like the videos, feel free to subscribe to get constant updates on the YouTube page of her latest videos. 


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Top NLL Videos

This playlist includes feature stories, interviews, show episodes, and other top videos from Renee with the NLL.

Inside the NLL

Inside the NLL was a weekly studio show that highlights the top news around the league with guest analysts, players, and personalities within the lacrosse community. The show runs every Tuesday evening on B/R Live.

The FaceOff

The FaceOff was a weekly pregame show that highlights each matchups key players, game information, and some background on each of the teams.

The NLL Unstrung

Renee created her own article series called the NLL Unstrung. With each article, she looked to uncover the history of the National Lacrosse League by sharing stories of players, teams, and the league. The articles can be found under the search for NLL Unstrung on the NLL News homepage that is listed at the link below.

The NLL Weekly Picks

Renee was part of a weekly in-season article series of weekly picks. Every week, Renee and three of her coworkers, made picks for who they thought would win each game along with a blurb to support their pick. The articles can be found under the search for NLL Staff Picks on NLL News homepage that is listed at the link below.

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