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Sports Reporter

Renee P Washington _ Sports Reporter, Speaker, and Author

Watch some videos of Renee as a sports reporter with 6ABC Action News. She also has sports articles published online too. She works to cover sports within the Greater Philadelphia area including professional, college, and youth teams!

Renee has been able to work in a variety of aspects of news and broadcasting. Between her jobs and projects, she gets the chance to work as a host, anchor, sideline reporter, anchor, and panelist. She has worked in the NFL, WNBA, NLL, NBA, NCAA, NWSL, and MLS.

On this page, see some videos of Renee as an analyst and reporter for ESPN. She works to cover all sports on the professional and collegiate levels, both mens and women's games within the Greater Philadelphia area throughout the year!!


More videos are also on Renee's YouTube page! Subscribe for more!



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