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Will Carmelo Anthony play in the 2016 Olympics?

New York Knicks All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony is preparing for the off season. After yet another disappointing NBA season finishing the last 38 games at 10-28, the Knicks finished the 2015-2016 season at 32-50. The All-Star forward is heavily considering whether to participate with the United States Olympic basketball team in the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro. As much as he would love to play, there are other things going on right now that are keeping him from thinking about if it is worth the time commitment.

For Melo, he is worried about the physical strain it will put on his body going to Brazil. Not to mention, the safety concerns that are going on in Brazil. Anthony is not in a rush to make a decision. He is focusing on resting mentally and physically, taking time away from basketball to get some clarity.

The 31 year old, has been struggling more and more over the last four years. In the 2012-2013 season, the led the league with 28.7 points per game. This past season he averaged 21.8 point per game.

Along with a decrease in points, he is always experiencing a lot of physical wear and tear. He has suffered a number of injuries, specifically knee and ankle problems. He still averaged 35 minutes per game in 72 contests this season.

If Carmelo plays in Brazil for basically all of August, then he would not get a full offseason to rest. That would give him a little less than two months to prepare for his 14th NBA season.

Brazil recently underwent a Zika virus scare so they may not be able to provide a hospitable environment for the Olympic athletes. The Zika virus is a mosquito-borne disease that has big-name American athletes voicing their concerns about their safety.

In addition, Brazil has cut its security budget in March that leads them vulnerable to an attack. With the recent terror attacks in Paris and Brussels, there are health and safety concerns for the players. It is still up in the air if Melo will decide to play in the Olympics this summer or will instead rest this summer. Carmelo Anthony is one of 30 finalists trying out for the 12-man roster to potentially represent the United States for fourth time.

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