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NBA Playoffs on to round two!

What an exciting time for NBA fans! It has been quite a first round as a lot of teams won in blow outs. The Cavs dominated the Pistons as they swept them in a very one sided series. Although the final scores may have been close, there was never a doubt in my mind the Cavs would win the series. Also the Warriors showed everyone that they are still a lights out, top team in the league as they coasted past the Rockets without Steph Curry. Finally, the Spurs made quite a statement as they started off the second series by putting a complete clinic on the Thunder. Following a dunk by the back to back defensive player of the year, Kawhi Leonard, to start off the game, the Spurs never took their foot off the gas. Now, as of tonight, all of the first round series are complete. The second round of the playoffs is all set for the NBA! Cavs/Hawks and Raptors/Heat round out the East as the Warriors/Portland and Spurs/OKC. I am very excited to see how the second round games go. I think the Portland/Warriors match up (without Curry) may be the most competitive. I am sure OKC will give the Spurs a few good games, maybe they just needed to adjust. On the East coast, I am interested to see how these teams match up. Regardless, I already have my final picked out. I won't spoil it for everyone else though. (:

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