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Question Marks about the Future of Carmelo Anthony in New York

The future of Carmelo Anthony in New York is the biggest question mark for the Knicks. Anthony has made it clear that he is excited for the change the Knicks make in the offseason to work towards becoming a contender for not only the playoffs, but a championship. For the third straight season, the Knicks do not qualify for the playoffs for the third straight season as they are currently 13th in the Eastern Conference at 28-41.

Many are waiting to see what Phil Jackson will do in the next few months regarding trades and coaching. His moves definitely impact the future of Melo in New York. With a month left in the regular season, he is trying to focus on finishing the season as strong as possible instead of on what may happen towards the end of the summer.

Although often questioned, Carmelo Anthony is putting the pressure on Jackson to take control and find ways to improve the team in free agency. Anthony wants to stay with the Knicks and win a title in New York. However, if the front office is unable to add talent to team, the chances of Melo staying are slim.

Reports indicate that Anthony and Jackson had dinner during the Knicks’ recent road trip in Denver. Anthony expressed his concerns and made sure he reminded Jackson that the needs of the teams are up to Phil Jackson.

On Friday after practice Melo showed signs that he is quite annoyed with the questions. The future of the team truly is not up to him. He indicated that the speculations and questions are not up to him, but up to the reporters and the team’s future as being up to the front office.

If Anthony were to be traded, he would have to waive his no-trade clause. That would be the first step if he decided to make any changes for next year. Through it all he has remained as cordial as he can, showing signs of frustration at times, but still engaging with the media. The Knicks are one loss away from another sub-.500 season. The Knicks face the Wizards tonight in their final six-game, 13-day road trip.

Although his comments on the Knicks future have changed to get more pessimistic and unsure, Carmelo is just hoping to play for a team that is consistent and enjoyable. The coaching changes, trades, GM and president changes over the last five years have been a lot for him to handle. It has led to a lot of change and inconsistency in the front office and within the team.

The Knicks face the Washington Wizards tonight at the Verizon Center for a 7:00pm tipoff. The game will be aired on CSNM and MSG.

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