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Super Bowl Sunday never Ceases to Amaze Me

Another Super Bowl has come to an end. I am sad to see the football season officially end. My thoughts, I am disappointed. Not just because the season is over, but also because of the way it finished. I was worried this season with the Panthers being so unstoppable. They just seemed to roll over opponents with ease like men among boys. Then across the country in Denver, Colorado there was another story growing. WIll this be Peyton Manning's last season and last chance to win a championship before retiring? With five MVP awards under his belt and a championship, many hoped to see him go out with another championship. So there we have it, the young team that is full of energy, social movements/statemtns, and winning or the older, experienced team quietly going along proving a lot of people wrong. In the end, it seems that experience won. We did not have a repeat of the 2014 SB in which the Broncos were destroyed in an ugly game to the Seahawks. Today they came to win starting with an early 10-0 lead off a play Cam has probably never seen in his life.

The game just reminded me of the tortoise iand the hare. The Panthers were the talk of the nation. Everyone from Steph Curry to Betty White was talking about them, dabbing, and following their movements such as #KeepPounding. In the end, they crashed. They had nothing left to give. Although their defense played well, the offense who has been running teams and scoring at will all season finally met its match- the tortoise. Peyton Manning, with poise and experience, did what he has done so many times before, led his team to victory.

Although I still have no idea if Peyton will retire I do know he at least got another championship under his belt. For Cam Newton, who I have a lot of respect for, he is only 26 and I have a feeling he will be back. Yet next time, I think he will make sure that his team as well as himself are mentally and emotionally prepared for the game too. It is a whole different game playing on a stage such as the Super Bowl and next time I think they will be ready to step up to the plate.

As for the commercials..ehh they were okay. The Prius commercial was creative.

The halftime show, all I can say is with Beyonce out there (finally after disappearing for months), I did not expect anything less than greatness regardless who was on stage with her. Cold Play, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars had a great, inspiring performance with some hidden messages that I did like despite all the backlash I have seen on social media. I will not get into it too deeply, but I applaud them for their creativity. Well done Super Bowl 50. I am excited for next years game!

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