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Happy Graduation to my Brother

You see: another post on a kid graduating high school I see: a young man that spent 14 years of his life in and out of hospitals for days at a time, underweight, struggling to eat as he battled Crohns Disease. A man that couldn’t live most of his childhood as a child, poked and prodded by hundreds of needles, feeding tubes, and taking bottles and bottles of medications as several doctors tried to help calm down his aggressive IBD. I See a boy that since he was 5, was a prisoner to his own body, fighting to continue to play his favorite sport for years. Looking up to players like AI and LeBron knowing every time he stepped on the court he was in pain and sadly stepped away when the pain got to be too much. I see a man that overcame all of that pain, tears , bullying,and years of suffering. Through the grace of God and hours of tearful prayer, he came out stronger. Even when others saw him as weak, he had the love and support of his family who knew his strength and never gave up on him. I see a child that before he could even read chapter books was already in the battle for his life yet never gave up even in the late night hours when that seemed like the only way to end the pain. I see a young man that graduates ready to step in the real world, creating his own business, and knowing his purpose in life is to share his story and inspire others dealing with suffering so they too can wake up one day to a better, healthier, stronger life. That’s what I see and that’s why I’m so proud of my brother Mark. He has ALWAYS been my inspiration and the reason I know my purpose in life as a reporter, coach, mentor, and woman in this world of hatred and violence is to do all I can to help those like him that have a story of pain. I thank you for being so strong Mark and know you are ready to make your mark on the world, positively impacting others one life at a time! I am a proud sister for having the strongest brother that any girl could ever ask for. Today on this day, we are not helpless anymore but stronger individually because he proudly and now happily has Crohn’s Disease and thrives! I leave you with this: Don’t ever assume you know someone’s story. Don’t ever assume the grass is greener on the other side or that smiles and pictures make up a persons life. You don’t know their truth. Be kind, be respectful, and treat each other with love for you never know the impact your generosity may have on them through their suffering. #PositiveVibesOnly #ReneePWashington #RPW 

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