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Muhammad Ali finally gets an Apology

After 50 years, the Louisville paper has finally apologized for referring to Muhammad Ali as his old name Cassius Clay instead of Ali. The Courier-Journal, the daily paper in Louisville continued to call Ali by his birth name, Cassius Clay, for six years after he officially changed his name in 1964. Sadly, it took 50 years and his death before they apologized. The editorial's author has apologized and said they will not speculate as to why the paper did not stop calling him by Clay. The Courier Journal, was not the only newspaper or magazine to continue to refuse to call him Muhammad Ali after he changed his name in keeping with his Islamic faith. Interesting news, but I am glad they have apologized.

It is just always interesting to see how long it takes people to realize the truth, see their faults, or change their ways. Just another example of how things may change, but it may take years or decades for people's attitudes and perceptions to change.

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