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Masters Degree..done!

Just as fast as something starts, it ends. It seems like I was just pursuing my Master's, coaching at Lehigh, and moving to a whole new environment. Now, I am graduating with my Master's and completely done another step in me education. I cannot believe it is already summer time. Don't get me wrong, I am VERY happy to be done with the semester as I prepare to send in my last paper. However, it is bittersweet. A lot of change happened in my life the last two years. I took on a whole new meaning of being independent and an "adult". I still joke around that I am not an adult. In my mind, I'm a big kid pretending to be an adult. Anyways it is the first Friday of summer for me and I couldn't be more excited. Looking back on my time at Lehigh I had some great moments of happiness and memories and some adversity but I have learned a lot more about myself in this time than any other years in my life. I have been tested and put in situations I did not know how to get myself out of, the real world is HARD. It sucks, but I look forward to see what lies ahead in the next year! Up next...hopefully VACATION!!! (: (: (:

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