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Nottingham Remains Undefeated

Nottingham (6-0) defeated Notre Dame (3-4) 80-55 to extend their unbeaten streak to six. Despite foul trouble and sloppy turnovers throughout the game, Nottingham was a handful for the visiting Irish.”We know we’re gonna have bad games. We aren’t going to be able to score 90 points every game. So when we do have bad games we just try to fight through, get the W, and go home,” said Darell Johnson.

Even though it may have also been a slower shooting night for the home team, Senior forward Darell Johnson led all scorers with 31 points, 10 rebounds, and three blocks for the Northstars. Classmate Cliff Joseph finished with 22. Richie Jones sank five threes to chip in with 15.

Cartier Bowman led Notre Dame with 24 points as Qai Kellman added 12.

Depth, consistency, and work ethic have been the bread and butter of Nottingham’s season.”It’s real helpful that we have a whole lineup that can come on the court and help us in all types of ways. Not just points. That’s one of our biggest keys on our team. We know we all can get in. Me, Cliff, and Richie can be on the bench and our team can still play good,” Johnson said.

Along with scoring threats from their big three seniors, players like Kastro Montina, Ku’Jane Johnson, and guys off the bench continued to be a huge presence forcing turnovers and grabbing rebounds. After another big second half to pull away from Notre Dame, the Northstars did as they have done against many other opponents, won big.

“We’re really looking for..I’m not trying to be cocky, but more competition. We’ve had blowouts all of our games so we really expected this. It’s a good start,” Johnson explained. With a 25 point victory, Nottingham’s winning streak continues.

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