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Proctor & Gamble Does it again! Thank you Mom!

Every year Proctor & Gamble manages to pull at the heartstrings of viewers. In 2014, they put together this video which was a phenomenal advertisement. Each year they got a little bit better. Last year's video actually made me want to hug my mom and shed some tears. This year, P&G has done it again! This years video features some more stellar athletes and a similar theme about tall the great things moms have done to help their athletes get to the highest level of competition. I know my mom has done a lot to help me get to where I am today and when watching this video I immediately thought back to all of the soccer games, practices, basketball, speed training, academic/school events, etc. that she helped me get through. My success is because of my mom and this video really captures that emotion and feeling. Each one does get better and this one honestly made me cry. This is such a great advertisement, just in time for the Olympics and Mother's Day! If you have not seen it yet, please watch it now:!

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