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I know there is a lot to read and check out on my website, but I also have published articles and media that you can check out. In addition, you can see my work with social media for businesses. I have written, edited, and created th content that you see in the articles and in the social media posts. Click any of the links below to see more:

Perfect Touch Soccer Instagram: @PerfectTouchSoccer

Perfect Touch Soccer Facebook: www.facebook.com/perfecttouchsoccer

Villanova Football and Basketball Articles: http://doublegsports.com/category/college/villanova-wildcats/

New York Knicks Articles: http://doublegsports.com/category/nba/knicks/

You can also check out my personal facebook page, twitter, IG, or YouTube page!


Twitter: @Renee_P_Wash

Instagram: @Renee_peepee_wash


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