The Road to Rio

The Road to Rio is in full effect! If these images do not get you excited, then I do not know what will. There are exactly 100 days until the Olympics. The Olympics are great time for the entire World to come together, put aside our differences, and just compete. Most importantly it unites us as a nation, as athletes/competitors, and globally. Personally, I LOVE the opening ceremonies and reading the stories about the different athletes. Of course, the games are always exciting too. So I guess that means I love everything about the Olympics! More information on Team USA can be found here:! If you are looking for a good read, you can read about more athletes beyond the American Headliners. Get to know about athletes such as Paralympic champion sprinter April Holmes, the USA rowing team, Lauren Crandall of Field Hockey, and even see the coverage and Team USA outreach events. It is really great to see all of this coverage. 100 Days!! (:


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