Blizzard Jonas

Hey! What a Snowy couple of days it has been! For those of us in the northeast region, we have been dealing with a blizzard since Friday night. Blizzard Jonas was no joke. In my area we received about 18 inches of snow and the Lehigh Valley got 32inches. Personally, I made sure to get snowed in at my parents house. It has been great spending time snowed in, with a fully stocked refrigerator, and my family. It does not get any better than that! I must say this has been a nice change of pace. Instead of the traditional weekend schedule, traveling all over working, it was nice to just relax with loved ones drinking hot chocolate, playing in school, and playing games. Of course we also had to watch games this weekend. It was a disappointing game for my Cavs Saturday night, but I got to see some great football Sunday night as the Carolina Panthers demolished the Cardinals. Although I am a true Eagles fan, I really want the Panthers to win it all. I think they can do it too! I am excited for Superbowl 50 as we watch the Carolina Panthers take on the Denver Broncos! Until next time, stay warm and enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening!


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